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Laminated bags

Three Seal Pouch
Metallized Bags

Pouch with different contour outlines with flat bottom. It has the same characteristics of the traditional pouch but with the possibility of having wavy and irregular contours. The bag can be supplied both open from the top and bottom.

3 seal envelope type metallized bags can also have the following accessories: Lamitec® Valve, Zipper, Notch, Handle, Punched y Rigid Lid.

3 seal envelope type metallized bags can be: transparent, metallized matt, metallized glossy, matt lacqeur to registry, hologram to registry and window.*

*Ask our executives about finish applications.

3 seal envelope

Unprinted three seal pouch

Lamitec has unprinted 3 seal silver color bags which will help you to protect and preserve your product by keeping aromas, body, taste, etc. Use our wide range of accessories to pack not only coffee but food, agrochemicals, cosmetics, etc



Organic pigmented heavy metal free pigments certified for its use in food packages.

Printed bags

(Shelf life)

Barrier against: Moisture, Oxygen, Aromas, Greases and Light. Shelf life will depend on selected materials.

Bag accessories


Materials of 1st. quality internationally certified, transparent, opaque and metallized colors, in glossy and matte finishes or their combination.


Food bags

three sealed food bags

Agrochemical Bags

three sealed agrochemical bags

Cosmetics Bags

three sealed cosmetic bags

Bags for other products

three sealed special orders