Laminated bags

Lamitec manufactures laminat bags with 2 or more layers of different substrates glued with chemical resistent adhesives and certified as food bags, coffee bags, and bags for agrochemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, etc.

The main role of a laminated bag is to contain, offer greater security, provide anti oxygen and moisture barrier especially to protect the product to be packaged. Thanks to high quality raw material and FDA certifications, Lamitec manufactures the best Laminated Bags: Pack Your Product, Pack Your Quality.

Metalized gusseted

Metallized gusseted bags

Flexible laminated bag ready to be packed and heat sealed. There are three types of bellows: centered, off-centered and structured

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Stand up

Metallized gusseted stand up pouch bags

Flexible laminated bag with oval bottom, ready to be packed and heat sealed. It is a form that provides great and ideal stability for liquids and semi liquids.

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Three seal

Metallized three seal pouch bags

It’s a pouch which outlines different shapes on flat bottoms with the same characteristics of the traditional pouche but with the possibility of having wavy and irregular contours.

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Metalized pillow
type bags

Metallized pillow type bags

A form of flexible laminated bag with a centered seal, ready to be filled in and sealed.

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Thanks to our quality and service standards, Lamitec is the best manufacturer of metallized bags for coffee, agrochemicals, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, among others. We are convinced that each bag manufactured by Lamitec protects and preserves your product as if it would be just recently packed. In this section you will find information about our diverse range of accessories, materials, protection means, printings and recommended uses for you to PACK YOUR QUALITY.

  • Accessories
  • Zipper, easy opening notch, pre-cut, punch, Lamitec valve.
  • Application of rigid top lid options: centered, on one side or inclined.
  • Materials (finishes)
  • 1st. quality materials with international certifications
  • Transparent, opaque and metallized colors with glossy and matt finishes or a combination of the two.
  • Protection (shelf life)
  • Barrier: Moisture, Oxygen, Aromas, Grease and Light.
  • Shelf life will depend on selected materials.
  • Printing
  • Inks with organic pigments, free of heavy metals and certified to be used in food packages.
  • Recommended use
  • Coffee / Food / Agrochemicals / Candies / Pharmaceuticals / Cosmetics / Seeds / etc.