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Packaging roll for automatic machines

During more than 32 years Lamitec has focused on the Printing and Manufacture of Flexible Metallized Bags. However, Lamitec has adapted to the needs of our clients, thus it manufactures Printing Coils.

Thanks to our innovations, printing retro gravure techniques and state of the art technology, Lamitec offers the highest printing quality and the outmost improved raw materials in order to meet the printed material specifications of our customers and match their filling and sealing machinery capacity to afterwards pack their product with quality and confidence.

Among the finishes that printing coils can make we can find:

transparent, metallized matt, metallized glossy, matt lacqueur to registry ,
hologram to registry and window

**Ask our executives about finish applications.

  • > List of automated forming and filling equipment.
  • > Material can have any basic lamination structures.
  • > Particular diameters and wide measurements
    are managed per order specifications